I hate saying it, but I see business owners using low-quality, cheesy,  repetitive photos in their marketing endeavors.  I’m sure  entrepreneurs want to use amazing photos for their business, but they  don’t really want to pay for it.  I might be biased since I’m a  photographer, but photos are a vital component to branding your online  visual identity.  It’s easy for business owners to simply use stock or  free photos, but having a photo shoot entirely for your business is  far more beneficial.

At SBM there’s a photographer for every budget.

If you are hiring a photographer to shoot images for your business,  here are a few tips to ensure you’re on the same page and the shoot is  everything you want.  When you email the photographer, be sure to:

*State your budget from the outset
*List how many people will be a part of the shoot
*Itemize how many photos you will need and how will they be used
*Share where will the shoot takes place
*Outline vibe/theme of the shoot
*Create a list of detail photos you can use for accent photos on the website, these type of photos are detailed photos relating to your business. For example: if your company sells bikes, a detailed photo could be of  the bike seat, a basket on the handle bars, and/or a close-up photo of
the tires
*State if you’ll be needing a headshot/bio photo
*What type of photo: corporate/casual/lifestyle

When it comes to visual brand identity, I feel pretty strongly about  having a cache of images that represent your business in a way that is  totally yours.  I can’t wait to see how you create a photo shoot for  your business that takes it to the next level!

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